Chick-fil-A: So much lettuce!

December 11, 2018

Composting for Chick-fil-A has been a delightful experience! After getting inspired by a vintage lettuce packet and naming our company, it took us 5 years to get a client that gave us mostly lettuce. Total thrill!  We got to learn about working with a multi-unit restaurant chain, and luckily we got to do that with a local operator, Shane Todd, because he’s incredibly kind and helpful!  Hadley and Dawn from Chick-fil-A Corporate sponsored the pilot, and were brilliant at coordinating the whole thing, and from there Shane decided the service was really important, and kept it going!

The two of them have been working hard at sustainable sourcing and reducing waste; you can read more about that here! Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming more and more vital to the success of restaurants, and Chick-fil-A is definitely investing in this more and more! We visited his shop to ask the team about LUC, and they had all great things to say!

Shane told me, “It’s neat to think about lettuce coming from the ground, becoming salad, putting parts that we don’t use into a compost pile, and soil coming back to nourish the plants. It needs to be do-able, and affordable. The hardest part of the day needs to be cooking chicken, not composting!”

Lauren Ball, one of the managers, was really fun to meet because she grew up on a farm!  She was really instrumental in the successful composting program and perhaps that was why!  

She said, “It’s super easy. Not hard to coach, implement, explain.  It’s made lighter trash for the boys to take out because the tea and coffee get composted!  Most stores are laid out really well to accommodate compost carts. Just move the garbage can and put the compost there.”

Let Us Compost will be hosting a kids’ composting event at the Barnett Shoals Chick-fil-A on November 27th, from 5-7pm. Bring your kids (or glorious child-like spirit) to play with worms, make art and learn about composting!  We are so lucky to have this great resource in our town and to have the support of Chick fil-A as we grow!  Their lettuce, coffee grounds and flowers are a fantastic element to the finished soil that’s made )

Let Us Compost provides composting service for Chick-fil-A Barnett Shoals and Chick-fil-A Alps.