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LUC is a full-scale composting solution that brings practical food scrap and organics collection systems to life for the home, enterprise and municipality. We lovingly turn compostable material into nutrient-rich soil.
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Good news! We are teaming up with our friends at Collective Harvest to offer LUC customers a path to locally grown produce. Collective Harvest is a collaboration of local family farms providing sustainably grown fruits and vegetables in the Athens area. Their multi-farm community supported agriculture (CSA) program  provides quality foods by way of sustainable practices. We thought it only logical to join forces and provide a closed-loop solution for households that are intentional about their food sourcing and their waste stream.

When you sign-up for LUC services, you will receive a coupon code that entitles you to one week of free veggies upon Collective Harvest sign-up! If you are already an LUC customer, contact us for the coupon code.

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LUC composts at the ACC Commercial Composting Facility, an EPD permitted commercial composting facility covering 4.5 paved acres. Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department was the second municipality in the state to receive a composting permit from Georgia EPD.