• Residential Composting

    Let Us Compost is a full-scale composting solution that brings practical zero-waste collection systems to life for the home, enterprise or municipality. We lovingly turn organic byproduct into an invaluable resource for communities all over Georgia.

  • How it Works

    This is for apartments and homes. Keep scrolling for commercial!

    Let Us Compost gives you bins, compostable bags and curbside pick-up. Instead of putting food in the trash, put in a Let Us Compost bin! Meat, bones, dairy, food scraps, vegetables, fruit, napkins, leftovers, coffee, plate scrapings and BPI certified wares accepted! For commercial, larger carts are provided.

  • Commercial Organics Collection

    Call (404) 805-0113 to start or email letuscompost@gmail.com to chat compost.

    Training. Educational Materials. Hauling. CSR. Meat / fruit / veg / coffee / BPI wares

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    Compost Driver


    Compost Driver

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