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Have a question? No problem! This is a weird business, and we’ve heard it all!
So, how does this all work? After you sign up for composting service, you'll quickly receive an email welcoming you to the compost club with a little bit of information about what to expect. Then, within one to three business days, you'll receive a second email with your assigned pick-up day. This is the day that our LUC truck will come by to collect your compost, just the way your garbage collection works! Currently we are servicing residential customers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but your day  based on your location. To check your pick-up day, visit our map! Then you'll be put in the system and ready to go!

With our weekly pick-up service, on your first day, you will be provided one sealable four-gallon bucket with a liner bag. Then, you'll fill it up with all sorts of food scraps and leftovers - including bones, coffee grounds, napkins and more! On your assigned morning once a week, you'll take your bucket to the curb or apartment door, where our driver will come by - between 8 am and 5 pm - and exchange it for a shiny, clean bucket with a new Biobag. Your old bucket will then be taken to our compost facility, where its contents will be transformed into happy, healthy soil. Then, the bucket will be thoroughly rinsed, cleaned, and put back into rotation for the next week of pick-ups! And then the cycle starts all over again!

Who are you people? Glad you asked! Visit our About Us page for more info!

I missed my pick-up - what do I do?
We understand, this happens from time to time. We have three options:
1) You can request an off-route pick-up. Our routes are pre-set and optimized to be as efficient, green, and cost-effective as possible. But we understand that things happen, so once you request an off-route pickup, for $15, we will stop by with 36 hours, Monday through Friday to pick up your bucket.
2) Wait until your next scheduled pick-up and place any extra bags on or around your buckets - notify us first please.
3) You can drop your food-scraps off at the ACC Commercial Composting Facility at 5700 Lexington Road - this is the same address as the landfill, so just drive to the weigh-station to be directed to the composting area.

Can I get a reminder? Sure! Just text the word COMPOST to 772-22. Then send a second text with your name and pick-up day. We'll send you a reminder the night before every week to put your bucket on the curb!

Where does LUC take its compost?
LUC hauls its compost to the Athens Clarke County Composting Facility, where it is mixed with wood chips and turned with a massive machine. After about 6-8 weeks, the compost is screened and ready for application.

Can I compost pet litter? No. We do not accept pet wastes because it allows everyone, including natural farmers, to use the compost.

How can I get a second or third bucket? How much does it cost? Just email us, and we’ll have an additional bucket dropped off on your next service day. Each additional bucket costs $5/month, which we will add onto your monthly charge.

I need more bags - where can I get them? Biobags for use in your compost bin are available at Daily Groceries Co-Op on Prince Avenue in Athens, as well as on Amazon.

Can I drop off my compost? No. For safety reasons, we are not allowed to have customers at the soil yard. You may drop your food-scraps off at the ACC Commercial Composting Facility at 5700 Lexington Road, but they charge $4 per bucket (we are not affiliated with this program so cannot change the price).

I am going on vacation. What is the best way to take my house off the schedule that week? Hooray vacation! We do the same route regardless, so you don’t need to let us know. However, if you are going to be gone longer than a week, shoot us an email or send us a text!

Can I put my bin somewhere other than by my mailbox?
Yes, if you’d like to place your bin on the curb on the other side of your house, or in a different special location, just let us know. If at all possible, we prefer to pick up on the curb, like a trash company.

Do you pick up at apartments and townhomes?
Definitely! With apartments, we typically pick up at your doorstep. Make sure that when you sign up, you include your unit number and if applicable, gate code. If you'd like to spread compost culture to your whole complex, email us and your landlord, and we'll get planning!

I live far away! How can I get this going in my community?
Send your address to and we’ll see if it’s possible to fit you in! If not, we will give you materials to start canvassing in your area.

Are you a for-profit business?

Why? Why isn't this free? We are in the service industry and charge for all the work we do, similar to a hair salon, trash service, massage therapist, that type of thing! While many cities have city-funded programs, Athens does not have this, at least not yet. We are a private business and are encouraged by Athens Clarke County but not assisted in the form of funding.

I am a student/senior. Can I get a discount? Yes! Email us with proof of your status - such as student ID or driver's license - and we'll give you a special code for a discount.

Can I cancel my service? Yes, your LUC subscription operates on a month-to-month basis - no contracts involved! However, our system will auto-charge the card you sign up with on the 15th of every month. To cancel, email us or visit our Payment Portal. You will be removed from the route and we will come by to pick up your bucket at your next scheduled pickup.

I would love to start a business like this in my city. How can I get started? Awesome! Email She'd be happy to have a chat with you and if you want deeper, structural support, we offer consulting as well. 

Who owns Let Us Compost? Kristen Baskin! LUC is certified WOSB (Woman-Owned Small Business) by the Small Business Administration.

When did Let Us Compost begin? Let Us Compost started in November of 2012.

Tell me all about Let Us Compost. I need to know more! The About Us page has the full story!

Have a question not covered here? Email us!