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Vulture wonder-wandering

By Eric Epling

· athens,haulerthoughts,pedalpower,vultures,happy

You see us around town hauling loaded trailers of bags of unidentified something and you wonder, who are those people, what are they doing? We are the Vulture Cycle crew that is part of Let us Compost. We collect food scraps and we do it in a way that doesn’t affect our environment in the negative way. We use our bikes and the pedal power to go from house to house, business to business, customer to customer pedaling away.

On our way we say hi to our co-citizens of our lovely town, we smile, we ask how they are and that way, we contribute into their day, giving them something to think about, someone to talk about and a person to give a smile back to. You cannot connect this way if you are enclosed in the walls of a car, can you?

While cruising through the streets, we spread wonder about the business and the idea we support and we present it in a way that makes the most sense to us, from the bike saddles, in hope, that those that see us might re-think their way of transportation and their way of disposing of the kitchen mess. It doesn’t have to be a car you take to work and it doesn’t have to be a garbage can you throw the potato peels in.

So, next time you see us, wave back, smile back, and think, “more pedal power to the people!”

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