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There's a worker-co-op cleaning service in Athens! And it's excellent.

By Patrick Davenport (photo by Athens for Everyone)

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"Alright. I LOVE a good cleaning service. It keeps everyone in the house healthy, and when Peachy Green comes to our house every other week, there are so many smiles. They will even take out our compost, how cool is that?" - Kristen, Normaltown

We are Peachy Green Clean Cooperative, “Your local friendly green cleaning company!” What makes us different is that we are a worker-owned and democratically managed business. There is no boss, everyone controls the business. Seriously, we are our own bosses. After a year, co-op members have the option of legally becoming owners of the cooperative. We are the first cleaning cooperative in Georgia. Also, we are green, which is safe for your home or office and the environment!

I’m very proud to be a part of and to have helped create a wonderful cooperative. I am even more proud to be part of a great team of coworkers. Seriously, we are the best group of friends/coworkers one can ever have. Teamwork is our success.

We are a different kind of company. We do not have fountain lobbies, nice company cars or untouchable CEO’s. We all run our operation. We drive our own cars and we practically work from home (We do have an office which we share). We don’t have shareholders or expensive management. This keeps our cost low and makes us affordable. Better yet, we are all paid the same when we clean to ensure quality and consistency. 82% of sales on average goes to payroll. Yes, 82% of sales, not profit, on average goes to payroll. So, if a customer pays $100, $82 goes to paying employees. Honestly! The other $18 goes into savings and supplies/maintaining the business. Unlike other businesses and corporations who pay way less after net returns to their employees and pay dividends to stockholders and high compensations to executives, we cut out middle and upper management and only pay the face of the business, the workers.

We are not a social experiment or flyby night business. We are an honest, hardworking and committed group of individuals who all work towards building our business. We take our customers, values, and our cooperative seriously. We strive to give the less fortunate the opportunity to own/manage a business while learning new skills and making new friends within our business and community. Within our cooperative we teach business skills, team building, management and customer service in order for our business to grow. We are driven to do one thing and nothing else, make our customers happy. Our customers rely on our consistency and dedication to ensure that their needs are met and we look for those qualifications when accepting new members.

Furthermore, we are the highest paying cleaning service in Athens, NE Georgia, and cleaning service outside of Atlanta. Yes! We Rock! We strive to pay a livable wage.

We pay $12 an hour and are working on paying more with benefits as we grow. Plus, at the end of the year, we share the profits of the business. It’s like a Christmas bonus! And yes, we get one of those too, which is like an extra bonus on top!

And yes we are green! We use all-natural safe ingredients bought from Daily Groceries Co-op to not only support locally owned businesses but to keep money in the pockets of local citizens. We do understand that some of our customers request chemicals when cleaning, especially on bathrooms, but we strive to be green cleaners.

We make our own cleaning solutions, too. Yep! We are the Walter White’s of green cleaning solutions. Only a couple of people know the ingredients of our awesome and effective cleaning solution but if you are super curious, our secret can be found at Daily Groceries Coop.

Nevertheless, we are a different kind of company with a different type of mission. We are a worker managed/owned cleaning business that strives to provide an all-natural green cleaning at affordable prices with a outstanding customer service. We honestly work hard to make our customers happy. Because when our customers are happy, our bank accounts are happy!

Peachy Green Clean Cooperative was started through Economic Justice Coalition, a 501 (3) C non-profit whose mission is to advocate for living wage jobs, create worker cooperatives, voter registration, and many other great community initiatives.

To learn more, please visit

Patrick Davenport

Owner/Operations Manager

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