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Musings on "No-straw-damus"

This photo was definitely taken by National Geographic. Pink with envy.

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There is definitely a straw craze happening. The tide is over all of us; some choose no straws. Some choose unique compostable material straws. Some choose metal and a ridiculously cool brush that's teeny to wash it out. I'm excited that there's a new fad! Even though there is a cult-ish element to fads, and often rampant consumerism, it's nice to feel like there is a point of connection. Sticker books were awesome. So were pogs. And recently, LOL dolls, though they cause an inordinate amount of fighting at the pool. When I learned about Sea Strawss, it seemed impossible to forego the opportunity to write about them.

The oldest drinking straw in existence, found in a Sumerian tomb dated 3,000 B.C.E., was a gold tube inlaid with the precious blue stone lapis lazuli.[2] Argentines and their neighbors have, for several hundred years, used (for drinking mate tea) a similar metallic device called a bombilla, that acts as both a straw and a sieve.[2] Marvin C. Stone patented the modern drinking straw, made of paper, in 1888. He came upon the idea while drinking a mint julep on a hot day in Washington, D.C.;[6][7][8] the taste of the rye was mixing with the drink and giving it a grassy taste, which he found unsatisfactory.[2] He wound paper around a pencil to make a thin tube, slid out the pencil from one end, and applied glue between the strips.[2] He later refined it by building a machine that would coat the outside of the paper with wax to hold it together, so the glue wouldn't dissolve in bourbon.[2][9][10]

-Wikipedia (my best friend.)

Seastraws, the motivation for this post, wants to see these rad metal straws! They also donate a ton of money to marine life. They also are offering an amazing discount for the next 48 hours! Order anything on their website and get 50% off using the code TURTLE. There's also free shipping. Might as well try it!! 

Thank goodness for the pun of Nostradamus for this post. He was born in the 1500's and famous for using history as a tool to predict future events. Often times, he was right. Sometimes, he was wrong. What's fascinating about predictive idealogies in general is that they eliminate human energy and the ability to change. Yes, there maybe something strong brewing. We can see it with storms, and there obvious escalation recently, and perhaps it is a warning. As humans so long ago invented the straw to change their experience, like Jane Goodall's favorite chimps did with the stick to move bugs closer to their mouth, we have the ability to adapt and somewhat maneuver our future. At the same time, being someone who loves God and the communities I've found around it, believe that there is a strong element of mystery in the world, even though 99% is science. Stanley Sfekas writes, "Aristotle conceived of God as outside of the world, as the final cause of all motion in Nature, as Prime Mover and Unmoved Mover of the universe. He was the crowning objective of all dynamic development in the cosmos from matter to form and from potentiality to actuality. He stood outside the Great Chain of Being yet was the source of all motion and development."

Yes, we can make a difference, yes we can adapt. But when we start to believe that one environmental change is the answer, and the others are wrong, we fail. We fail really, really hard. And we start to BECOME the bad. We are trying to reduce our plastic, save our soils, love each other, and it's important to lift one another up as we try. It's all the answers, working in conjunction, and I believe (it's totally okay if you don't!) that around all that is a viscous layer that we'll try forever to and never really understand, that binds us all together, and prevents one solution from truly winning. That being said, going straw-less, using compostable straws and purchasing metal ones are all pretty great solutions to the Pacific Garbage Patch and landfills in general.

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