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Gut-building bicyclist bliss with Golda Kombucha!

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I first learned about this magical elixir called Kombucha while living in West Philadelphia. There was a wonderful food co-op called Mariposa, and I did volunteer shifts in the basement wrapping snacks in tiny bags and labeling them with orange tape. A composting company in town, called Pedal Co-op gave me a ride into town one day on their trailer when I was very pregnant. The wind in my face and urban sights whizzing by were completely thrilling. The co-op housed every variety of a strange vinegary drink imaginable, and in a dusty corner of the basement was a book called "The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved" by Sandor Ellix Katz. I'm pretty sure it's this book that started my brain buzzing with plans to immerse my life in food, or gardens, or at the very least, things that tasted good and made me happy.

Kombucha is a fermented drink, which basically means sugars are converted into alcohol at very low levels, and the yeast is kept alive, so that consumers can benefit from "live" rather than "dead" bacteria, or good bacteria. Imagine the difference between eating a piece of lettuce plucked from the garden, and a stale-ish one from the back of the shelf. That's my best shot at an explanation. As it turns out, while Kombucha is weird and delicious, it's way more than that. When Let Us Compost created a program called Vulture Cycle, where we picked up compost by bicycle, I quickly learned that haulers were pretty picky about what they drink. Coca-cola in the afternoon? No. Coffee before a mega-ride? No. It seemed that water and Kombucha were the only drinks that made everyone happy...and finally we have found a partner to help us out, Golda Kombucha!

Kombucha raises energy levels during exercise and aids in post-workout recovery, alleviating joint pain. Olympic athletes in the Soviet Union reportedly drank up to one quart of kombucha daily to prevent soreness caused by lactic acid accumulating in the muscles. -

According to, Kombucha has 10 health benefits:

1. detoxification

2. improved digestion

3. immune system stimulation

4. arthritis prevention

5. cancer prevention

6. cholesterol reduction

7. energy enhancement

8. weight loss

9. enhanced athletic performance

10. mood enhancement

Golda is now an official partner of Let Us Compost! In exchange for curbside composting service for their tea, fruit and overs produced in the brewing process, they are contributing growlers of delicious Kombucha for our haulers! I'm so excited that they are a local company, based in Atlanta, women-owned, and mostly that our haulers can get a happy boost during the work day and hopefully keep them super healthy too!

Partnerships are so much fun for us, and so was watching my friend Stephanie think of clever ways to work out with a compost bin. The combination of yoga, protein, insane greens and kombucha have made her super toned and energized. All of our bin lifting is currently human powered, so it's important that our haulers have something healthy, muscle strengthening and DELICIOUS to drink during the day. Luckily Golda Kombucha is available in many places in Athens - you can buy a growler at J's bottle shop for affordable fill-ups, or get one on the go at Daily Groceries, Hendershot's, Opa Robby's and Sips coffee house.

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