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5 simple changes for the eco-minded home

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Of course, we’d all like to do kind things for the planet, but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to figure out where to start. Here are a few easy changes you can make today to lead to a more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle starting right now!

  1. Choose to Reuse

One of the simplest changes you can make is to say no to single use plastics. Instead, choose reusables, i.e. travel coffee mugs, reusable produce bags, unpaper towels, stainless steel drinking straws, cloth napkins, etc. Believe it or not, every single piece of plastic ever created still exists on this planet today. That’s crazy, right?? Aside from that, much of this overabundant plastic finds its way to our beaches and oceans causing sea creatures harm. You can do your part in helping the environment by simply bringing your own coffee mug to your favorite local coffee spot or by choosing to drink your cup of joe “in house.”

  1. Skip the Plastic

So, we know it’s a good idea to choose reusables to eliminate plastic pollution. However, just as importantly, avoiding plastics is smart because plastic often contains harmful chemicals that can have a negative effect on your health. That’s right, plastic soda and water bottles often contain BPA which can leach into whatever you drink. Instead, choose to drink from glass, or find a stainless steel water bottle for hydrating on the go. If you worry about the cleanliness of your tap water, order a plastic free active charcoal water filter ( to purify your drink.

  1. Shop Secondhand

Another effortless change you can make for a more eco-conscious home is shopping secondhand. Luckily, in Athens, we have an abundance of really great thrift shops for shopping secondhand. Additionally, try taking advantage of online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook for finding great gently used goods. When you choose to initially shop for used goods, you make a great eco choice by giving a second life to products that others might typically toss in a landfill. Think of the resources and energy saved by making this easy selection.

  1. Plant Based Diet

Switching to a plant based diet also helps the environment and requires little effort from you. In fact, at least incorporating more plant-centric meals into your lifestyle helps the environment. In reducing meat consumption, not only do you reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by animal agriculture, but you also help conserve water. Because of its energy intensive process, meat production requires a lot of water and land. That said, animal agriculture is the main cause of deforestation in the Amazon. Even just striving for one meatless meal per week creates a more eco-friendly home!

  1. Compost

Let’s talk about my favorite simple change: composting! Composting fascinates me. I love that we can repurpose something that would normally go straight to the landfill into nutrient rich soil that makes the garden so happy. Also, I’m thrilled that we have Let Us Compost in Athens. They make composting even simpler, especially for apartment dwellers and those without yard space. Take a minute to research what you can compost in your house, and you will be so surprised!

How do you strive to do good things for the planet in your home? Do you have some eco swap suggestions of your own??

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