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200 miles by bicycle

By Eric Epling

· bikecycling,bikecompost,zero emmissions,fun,burncaloriesnotfuel

A part of the Let Us Compost company is the Vulture Cycles team. (These women in the picture are compost clients that bike a ton in their spare time!) We are the bike crew that picks up and hauls food scraps from most of our residential customers. We are out there every day pedaling around Athens. Together we average around 200 miles per week on our bikes. Thankfully Athens is a perfect environment for this service. It’s small enough for us to be able to get around to a lot of you on our bikes. We do have a truck that handles Atlanta and larger bulk orders but for 100+ of our in-town clientele, it us, Vulture Cycles. We are not saving the world through emissions reduction but we are doing our small part and we love biking around our town. Want some more info anout why it's great for the planet to ride your bike? Check out this link!

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