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About LUC

Let Us Compost was founded in Athens, GA, in 2012 by Kristen Baskin. In the early days, Kristen and her band of soil pioneers bootstrapped the operation with pickle buckets, collections by bicycle, grit, and determination. Soon, she was joined by more passionate food-scrap haulers and advocates for social change, and saw Let Us Compost blossom into a force for good in the community.

After six years of steady growth and lessons learned, Kristen realized that it was time to take Let Us Compost to the next level, so she began looking for like-minded partners with complimentary skillsets and resources to expand the company’s reach and increase its impact.

In 2018, Kristen brought on a team, including managing partner Christian Foster. With Foster’s background in business development and logistics, LUC refined its operations, refreshed its brand, and made composting more accessible to the greater Athens community.

In addition to residential collections in the Athens area, LUC offers commercial composting services throughout the Southeast, including event composting, as well as waste-diversion and composting solutions for businesses ranging from independent restaurants to multi-units to hotels, stadiums, manufacturing, and beyond. LUC has partnered with local Athens company NUFSO to upcycle these food scraps into high-quality compost and soil amendments suitable for farms, community gardens, green-minded construction projects, and more.  
Together, we’ll BUILD BETTER SOIL.