• Residential Composting

    Let Us Compost is a curbside composting service for meat, bones, coffee, vegetables, fruit, leftovers, dairy and BPI certified wares. Servicing apartments, homes and businesses in Georgia.

  • Commercial Composting

    Commercial composting is so easy for chefs, they love it! We provide the carts, compostable bags and pick-ups. Join The National, Creature Comforts, Chick-Fil A, Independent Baking Co and more. FREE 2-WEEKS.

    Cart options: 5G, 12G, 35G / Compostable bags to fit / 1x - 5x weekly pick-ups

  • How it Works

    Let Us Compost gives you bins, compostable bags and curbside pick-up. Instead of putting food in the trash, put in a Let Us Compost bin! Meat, bones, dairy, food scraps, vegetables, fruit, napkins, leftovers, coffee, plate scrapings and BPI certified wares accepted! For commercial, larger carts are provided.

  • Shop Now

    Welcome to the best shop for delightfully re-purposed mulches and soils in Athens, Georgia! Manufactured from our urban trees, Let Us Compost's food scraps, and soil.

  • Support businesses who compost!

    These businesses produce 15,000 lbs/week of food scraps.

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  • All about compost.

    The Vulture blog is a collection of stories about zero waste, bikes, stuff our haulers love, and other cool composters. Enjoy!

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