• Do Good, Get Soil

    Let Us Compost is an Athens, GA based curbside composting service for meat, bones, coffee, vegetables, fruit, leftovers, dairy and BPI wares for composting. Servicing Athens, Atlanta and Watkinsville!

  • Who we are

    Let Us Compost started in 2012 when Kristen and her family moved to Athens Georgia. They fell in love with the culture, warm people and thriving small business community - the only thing missing was a curbside composting service! With just pickle buckets borrowed from Blind Pig Tavern, a 1976 blue truck, and our first clients (a hair salon, soup shop and a massage therapist) we started composting! After three years of curbside composting in our truck, improving our compost recipe, regular trips from Bulldog Towing, and a brain drain of staff to Ultimate Frisbee, composting toilet farms, prescribed grazing, co-op incubator and South American animal sanctuaries, we decided to "step off the gas pedal" and haul compost by bike. Our community composting friends like Bennett Compost, CompostNow, Zero to Go and Tilthy Rich helped us, and we started composting at an Athens treasure - "West Broad Farm." We love Athens, helping people compost and are proud that our clients have composted 725,000 lbs of food scraps and turning it into soil.




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    Vulture Cyclist

  • Composting Benefits

    Composting adds so much joy to daily moments. Instead of putting food in the trash, just put it in our bucket instead. That's it! The next time you take a hike, think about how the trees fall in the forest, break into branches, and mix with mud and rain. Eventually they are eaten up by fungi, insects and micro-organisms, creating soil for new trees to grow. Composting naturally makes way for new life, and it's the perfect cycle in the forest. While the forest life speaks to many people, more and more humans are migrating to urban environments, creating a desire for the growing green industry. Not convinced? Check out THE COMPOST STORY video.


  • Let Us Compost Curbside Service $25/Month

    What you get

    - 3G kitchen bin

    - 12G roll cart

    - compostable bags

    - weekly pick up 

    - soil back 3x per year

    What can you compost?

    * meat, bones, dairy

    * veggie & fruit scraps

    * tea & coffee

    * leftovers, napkins

    * eggshells