• Do Good, Get Soil

    Let Us Compost is an Athens, GA based compost company serving the community and also businesses in the greater Atlanta area. We use bicycle haulers to provide compost waste pick-up services for residential and commercial customers. In return, all of our subscribers receive a bag of composted soil each quarter.

  • Composting Benefits

    The next time you take a hike, think about how the trees fall in the forest, break into branches, and mix with mud and rain. Eventually they are eaten up by fungi, insects and micro-organisms, creating fertile soil for new trees to grow.


    Composting naturally makes way for new life, and it's the perfect cycle in the forest. The more we copy this natural cycle, the healthier our earth will be. Joining Let Us Compost helps us mimic this cycle in an easy and fun way, and receive soil back to use! You may even be able to save money at the grocery store as you learn what gets wasted!


  • How it Works

    First 2 weeks are FREE! No commitment necessary.

    Let Us Compost is convenient, organized, and informative. I love it!" Rachel, Pulaski Heights

    We offer both residential pick-up or drop-off services. Once you sign up, we will drop off your bin, compost bags, and a welcome package with everything you need to know about your new service.

    2. You collect your scraps

    "So much less trash! Feel really good about doing this. Love the dirt." Mimi, Normaltown

    Once you receive your bin, you can begin collecting your scraps. We will also send you a handy guide on items that you can and can't compost.

    3. We pick up your scraps

    "My family has no desire to do the work of composting ourselves, but we love keeping all of our food out of the trash. It's been fun!" Jeneane, Cobbham

    When you sign up for residential or business pick-up service, one of our haulers will pick up your scraps. You simply place your scraps in the bin provided and we pick up on a weekly basis.

    4. We give SOIL back

    "Nothing but perfect and professional. Consider them an asset to our community." Michelle, Boulevard

    For signing up for service and as part of your composting contribution, we also give you free soil back. Each quarter we will give you a bag of soil to use in your gardens!

  • Services

    Scroll through out services below by clicking the arrow buttons to purchase compost

    pick-up, drop-off, or soil!

  • Bagged Compost Soil


    Our food-based compost can be purchased by the bag and is best used as a soil amendment. For a limited time, we are offering free delivery with purchase!


    Let Us Compost Curbside

    We give you a kitchen bin, small roll cart and bags. Pick-up & reminders once a week / soil back 3x year

    What can you compost?

    * meat, bones, dairy

    * veggie & fruit scraps

    *tea bags & coffee grounds

    *leftovers, dryer lint, napkins


    Drop Off Service

    We give you a kitchen bin and unlimited bags - you drop your compost off at 1000 Faces Coffee and get new bags! Soil back 3x/year



    1000 Faces Coffee

    585 Barber St Athens GA 30601

    Zero Waste Business

    Let Us Compost will meet with you and advise you on how to save money on your trash bill and add on zero waste wares and services! Join companies like Coca-Cola, USDA, Last Resort and Barberitos!

    Compost to School

    Bring a comprehensive composting curriculum to your school using our "compost to school program". We teach schools fundamentals and best practices of waste diversion and composting!

  • Who we are

    Let Us Compost started in 2012 when Kristen and her family moved to Athens Georgia. They fell in love with the culture, warm people and thriving small business community - the only thing missing was a curbside composting service!


    With just pickle buckets borrowed from Blind Pig Tavern, a 1976 blue truck, and our first clients (a hair salon, soup shop and a massage therapist) we started composting! After three years of curbside composting in our truck, improving our compost recipe, regular trips from Bulldog Towing, and a brain drain of staff to Ultimate Frisbee, composting toilet farms, prescribed grazing and South American animal sanctuaries, we decided to "step off the gas pedal" and haul compost by bike.


    Our community composting friends like Bennett Compost, CompostNow, Zero to Go and Tilthy Rich helped us, and we started composting at an Athens treasure - "West Broad Farm." We love Athens, helping people compost and are proud that our community composting 575,000 lbs of food scraps and turning it into soil.


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